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The Brotherhood of the Direct Descendants of Santa

Our Mission: It is the mission of The Brotherhood of the Direct Descendants of Santa to spread joy, love, and the spirit of Christmas throughout the world.

Our Core Values: Training, guiding, and otherwise mentoring the ladies and gentlemen that preserve and advance the traditions of Christmas and of Santa Claus and thereby enrich the experiences of children of all ages, faith traditions, and ethnic origin.

Our Goal: The “Brotherhood” strives to further its mission by providing its members with numerous opportunities for training and education, social interaction with other members, information sharing and a myriad of Santa related product information.

The Story of the Brotherhood

Far, far away and a long time ago, Santa Claus decided he needed to move his toy shop. His decision was worrisome but Mrs. Claus agreed. He was becoming too well known for his extreme generosity every year at Christmas time and it was very hard for him to concentrate on his toy making. What with so many people stopping by the toy shop every day, he couldn’t complete the toys he needed for the next year. He loved all of the little children that stopped by and wanted to spend time with them but he was finding it very difficult to complete his work. He also knew that more and more children were being born each year requiring more time to get this work finished in a timely manner for Christmas.

So Santa asked two of his elves, Ollie and Elmo, to see if they could find just the right place to move the toy shop, a place where their work would not be interrupted…

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